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Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens and the Generous Efforts of the Moskowitz

Irving Moskowitz had set priorities in his life and had followed them faithfully that’s why he became successful and achieved his dreams. His accomplishments show how he adhered to such personal philosophy. Though he was really good in baseball while he was young, he turned down such opportunity of being a professional athlete but turned to medicine to be able to help many people. He dreamt of becoming a physician and it was in 1946 that he enrolled in the University of Wisconsin where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Science in the year 1949. In 1953, he practiced medicine in Long Beach, California. But, he didn’t just serve as a physician but also as an entrepreneur. He built and managed hospitals and with his success, he established a foundation. Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank and Bingo Club have been quite popular.

The charitable foundation that he has had been funded by personal contributions of his. Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club has become popular in 1988 as Dr. Irving Moskowitz operated a Bingo Club in the city. This Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club is a non-profit organization. And he had successfully established an intimate relationship in Hawaiian Gardens. Irving Moskowitz Foundation continues to extend help in the city and in the year 1995, the foundation started the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank. Dr. Irving dedicated his self to serve not just his family but also the other people through various efforts so that their difficulties in life may be alleviated. The City of Hawaiian Gardens in California adores Dr. Irving Moskowitz for the help he has offered.

Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens – The Support Moskowitz Gave to Hawaiian Gardens

In the City of Hawaiian Gardens, the foundation which Irving Moskowitz established had been the largest contributor. Just recently, Irving Moskowitz spent millions to create the sports complex in Hawaiian Gardens. This is one state of the art facility that is built to cater to the sports activities that the students of Fedde Middle School and the children in Hawaiian Gardens enjoy. The foundation that Irving Moskowitz created is non-profitable and this is committed to enrich as well as improve the people’s lives. He believes that saving one life is just like saving the world. It was in the year 1968 that this was created. After that, the Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club was established and now his wife, Cherna Moskowitz, is operating as the president in the casino. The Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club is also helping the residents of the city in a great way.

The Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club have been advantageous for the residents as they benefit through social action organizations like the United Community Group and the Head Start and the support of the foundation on the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank. Moreover, the Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club supported scholarships, athletic programs for children, health care programs and also educational programs. The community of Hawaiian Gardens has been revitalized because of the Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Club. Moreover, it is not only in Hawaiian Gardens that Irving Moskowitz concentrated his efforts in helping but he also extended help to Israel as he wanted to maintain this as a safe place for all the Jewish people.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hawaiian Gardens Sports Complex

As mentioned in last post about Irving Moskowitz, Irving Moskowitz Stadium, sometimes referred to as Moskowitz Stadium, is a new and modern Stadium contributed by Irvin Moskowitz foundation as part of supporting the city if Hawaiian Gardens. Below are some images of this new and modern stadiums

Irving Moskowitz Stadium
Irvine Moskowitz Stadium in Hawaiian Gardens

Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian Gardens Sports
Hawaiian Gardens Sports Plex

Irving Moskowitz Running Track
Hawaiian Gardens Running track

Irving Moskowitz Football and Soccer Field
Hawaiian Gardens Football and soccer field

The City of Hawaiian Gardens, ABC Unified School District, the Irving Moskowitz Foundation and the State of California hosted grand opening of the  state of the art Sports Complex on Saturday, March 10th, 2012. Among participates were some of us sports champions from multiple professional sports. The public was also invited. 

This sports complex is a new, modern and premier outdoor recreational facility built to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for the community and local schools, a first of its kind in the City.

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